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  • 16.05.2015 (Fontainebleau/France) Eric Dimmer and Yves Schartz both climbed Supplément d’Armes (Fb7b) and Insistance (Fb7a).

    14.05.2015 (Déiljen/Germany) Olivier Groff climbed No Country for Old Men (Fb7b). Eric Dimmer climbed Porno Queen (Fb7a).

    02.05.2015 (Déiljen/Germany) Yves Schartz bouldered the 2nd ascent of Red Light District (Fb8a)! This boulder was opened by the german climber Martin Mayer who proposed Fb8a+ for the grade.

    12.-18.04.2015 (Margalef/Spain) Eric Dimmer climbed Montgronyeta (7b+), Tsunami (7c) and more & Jean-Marc Winckel climbed Carn de Canó (7c) and more.

    20.-22.02.2015 (Fontainebleau/France) Pierre Goerens climbed La Barre Fixe (Fb7b) and more. Olivier Groff climbed Le Lépreux Direct (Fb7a) and more and Jean-Marc Winckel climbed Baloo (Fb7a+), Bangster (Fb7a) and more.

    17.+18.01.2015 (Fontainebleau/France) Yves Schartz climbed Envie d’ailes (Fb7c), La Barre Fixe (Fb7b), Haka (raccourci) (Fb7a), Gauche (Fb7a) and much more. Jean-Marc Winckel climbed La Barre Fixe (Fb7b), Haka (raccourci) (Fb7a), Gauche (Fb7a) and much more.

    26.-28.10.2014 (Fontainebleau/France) Yves Schartz climbed Ange Naïf (direct version with jump at the end) (Fb7c), Rubis sur l’Ongle (Fb7b+), la Ritournelle (Fb7a+), Ange Naïf Droite (Fb7a+), la Grève des Nains (Fb7a) (flash), Tim Tim (Fb7a) and much more.

  • What goes around

Saturday, 26th September 2015 a new bouldergym will open its doors:


There will be a friendly competition followed by an opening party with barbecue, drinks, DJ and lots of fun :)
From 10am to 12pm you can register for the competition (5€), category A (6B to 8A or more) or category B (4 to 6B).
From 12 to 6pm are the qualifications.
At 8pm are the finals with a tombola for all the participants, prices and more, followed by music, food, drinks and lots of fun …

Stay tuned with more details, pictures and videos on their facebook page: CAMPUS BOULDERHALLE.
Tempelhoferstrasse, 16 in Aachen (Germany)

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Have a look at this old footage about climbing in Berdorf, about some of the locals like Jeannot Kartheiser, Raymond Haupert and Jacques Welter who put up most of the routes and climbed 1st ascents. These recordings are very valuable. A lot of thanks to who ever made this :)

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A new gym for bouldering opened its doors recently in TRIER (Germany). It combines bouldering and bakery.

Check it out for yourself, it’s worth visiting: www.blocschokolade.de !


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The biggest gym for bouldering of the west of France will open its doors in October 2015 near the city center of Strasbourg: BLOCK’OUT !

It has more than 800 m² of climbing surface and offers a sauna, and a hammam, further more a bar, a restaurant with “tartes flambées” and burgers, beautiful slabs, vertical walls, mantles, and all the angles from light overhangs to mean roofs, training boards, a big campus board and much more. A weight lifting, fitness and stretching room of 100 m² will also be available. To know more about it, check out their homepage www.blockout.fr/bo-strasbourg.


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Frank Elsen from the luxembourgish newspaper Luxemburger Wort came up to Jean-Marc Winckel for an article about climbing with the goal to promote our sport. The article is online at wort.lu.

Avec les premiers grands rayons de soleil de mars, les grimpeurs retrouvent le sourire. Au coeur de la Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise, les rochers attirent à nouveau des spécialistes et des passionnés. Par dizaines, ils viennent à la découverte de nouveaux challenges. C’est le cas pour Jean-Marc Winckel qui pratique l’escalade depuis l’âge de 22 ans … READ MORE

… «J’espère que les jeunes seront de plus en plus nombreux à rejoindre les rangs de la Flera. Ils ne sont pas assez informés à l’heure actuelle. Et je trouve ça dommage, car c’est un sport intéressant. Il faudrait organiser des stages d’entraînement pour leur apprendre à analyser des problèmes, à vivre avec des succès et des défaites. Mais la situation est complexe: le Luxembourg ne dispose pas assez de murs d’escalade. Ceci rend les choses particulièrement difficiles. Les halls les plus proches sont Arlon et Trèves», constate Jean-Marc Winckel … READ MORE

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Here’s a small video edited by Pierre Goerens and filmed by Jean-Marc Winckel showing Pierre’s ascent of the route Tribut Croquettes (7c+) in Berdorf (Luxembourg) July 3rd, 2014.

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RESULTS of the 22nd EX-HAUS CUP: (December 20, 2014)


1. Nicole Heimann 2. Katja Grass 3. Cathy Maquil 4. Vivien Grabowski 5. Annika Morawietz 6. Isabelle Kammer


1. Luke Brady 2. Johannes Hoffmann 3. Joshua Meiser 4. Gregor Busch 5. Sebastian Gerber 6. Felix Buchmann

Thank you for your support and your loyalty to the Ex-Haus Cup :)

T-Shirts sponsored by Casper’s Climbing Shop
Supported by Casper’s Climbing Shop, Old School Rocks, climbing.lu
Sponsors: Monkee, ClimbSkin, Marmot, Vertical Axis, Jung, Ocun, GEBRO Verlag.


Have a look at the video about the Ex-Haus bouldercup 2013:

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We uploaded a better quality of one of our 1st climbing videos. The video is about bouldering in Fontainebleau in October 2005 by Olivier Groff. This video was also one of the 1st of its kind running through the world wide web back then (showing known boulderproblems around Fb7a to Fb7b+, with hip hop music and funny scenes) so that it had great succes. Locals in Fontainebleau even came up to us to congratulate us and it was published by many climbing homepages such as kairn.com, climbing.de, Dr Topo and many others. Dr Topo in Canada wrote the following: “They’re just a sympatic bunch of friends who love dynos and Wu-Tang Clan.:)

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Last w-e (5th-6th April 2014) Ben MOON (moonclimbing.com) payed a visit to Luxembourg. He stayed at Casper’s Climbing Shop and went to pay a visit to Berdorf where he onsighted the following routes: Heinz (6c), Mike (7a), Arrête, Paulette! (7a+), Jacques (7b+/7c) & Judd mat Gaardebounen (7b).

Ben Moon was very pleased about the climbing and convinced about Berdorf that he definitely wants to come back to try the harder routes. We’re looking forward to it!.

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This is a trailer of the Lifestyle FONTAINBLEAU Part 2 video which Jean-Marc will publish in spring 2014. This was recently filmed in November 2013 and more will follow. This trailer is showing François Depau, Pierre Goerens and Jean-Marc Winckel. To see part 1 of the Lifestyle Fontainebleau video (2012) featuring Luca Romito check the video section … These videos are meant not only to show you the bouldering in Fontainebleau (France) but also the life you lead as a climber in this beautiful forest and worldwide known boulder area. Bouldering in Bleau is not only a sport but also a lifestyle. (Supported by Casper’s Climbing Shop) Enjoy …

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