We got an e-mail from some german climbers to tell us that their quickdraws had been stolen out of the route Herrman Buhl. They left them in the route to work on it but due to bad weather conditions it took them some time to come back to Berdorf to find that their quickdraws had gone. AGAIN climbing.lu wants to warn you that unfortunately there are such climbers who steal material out of routes and that this is something which happens VERY OFTEN in Berdorf. That’s why we named one route Mort aux cons (death to idiots!). Furthermore, when you find things near the rocks that someone forgot PLEASE leave those things at its place. If someone is missing something he will surely return to the same place to look for it!

Furthermore, this sunday, 5th May 2013, some climbers from Luxembourg got broken into their cars. Strangers broke the windows of the cars and stole money and other things. The climbing area was so crowded last weekend that you had to wait a long time to climb a route. Those conditions are just not acceptable:: area overcrowded, climbing material gets stolen out of routes, cars are broken in, a lot of trash is left in the nature, shit and toiletpaper under routes (cf. sector Infernale, we even found once diapers!), ropes are hanging far too long in unclimbed routes (Berdorf is NOT a gym!), etc. … That must STOP or they will tighten the conditions of the climbing permission!

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